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Poker is one of the most popular casino game, no matter if the game is land based or online. The gambling industry is one place where people can learn skills and little bit of luck they can see the other side of the coin as well. Casinos over the years have developed several ways to make sure that they can catch cheaters especially while playing poker. In this article we will be seeing the list of most common cheating techniques that players use when playing poker.

Collusion with friends

This is a very simple yet profitable technique which requires proper preparation. Try to make sure that the casino has not noticed the collusion and you be set for the win. If the casino finds out about your ways you can be removed from the casino or even banned from entering into the casino ever again.

Marking cards

This is also one of the most popular methods where poker payers in order to cheat start to mark up the cards they are playing. This method can specifically be done only on the land based casinos. Try to make sure that the markings are unique and are not visible to other or else your cheat might get caught. Today, marking cards is a tough choice as the casino ha a lot of control over them.

Stealing your chips

Stealing your chips does involve some tricks which you can play without manipulation which is often taken form the players pockets. This technique requires you to be well trained in many cases as it is quite easy to catch. But, if done right can mean that you earn big. This often takes part in underground casino where there are more chips placed and less security to protect them.

Rigging the deck

This is one of the world’s most popular cheating methods when it comes to card casino games. This is one cheating method which involves you to have a deck of cards in hand as well as lot of skill. This method is often referred to as having a cold deck which fails in the underground poker games. Rigging the deck of cards requires you to have a lot of skill which can make it seem much smoother than it actually is.

Switching cards

This is one of the most oldest tricks which can work better for card games. This is one cheating game which is relatively simple and requires a lot buying their own cards to help improve in hand. This is relatively simple, and one can easily get accustomed to the movements of the hand which requires you to be smooth. If you aware of this technique that there are certain measures you can take to prevent this cheating method.

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